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In this tutorial, we will learn how to build a full-stack application from scratch using only NodeJS, HTML, SASS and Javascript. The application will be able to provide an interactive quiz, give the user an answer based on his inputs, and store those inputs within a database. Hoping that you will appreciate this kind of content I wish you the best! #nodejs #nodejstutorial #fullstackapplication #singlepageapplication #tutorial --- Tutorial's Chapters --- 00:00 Introduction 01:21 Server Basic Setup 05:52 Server-side CSS setup 08:44 Server-side JS setup 11:53 SASS setup 14:32 Build HTML for the application 17:52 Build SCSS style for the application 25:06 Build JS frontend 25:52 Question slider 29:27 Highlight questions 31:40 Store all the user answers 34:34 Add all the Microphones images in the frontend and in the backend 41:13 Build the Javascript quiz logic 46:13 Build NodeJS backend 47:01 Send data from client to server 50:10 Create a random file name for the database file 53:24 Receive data from client (buffer and data stream) and store in DB --- Useful links --- Source code: Sass compiler: Sass Tutorial: NodeJS LTS Docs: VSCode:
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