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Welcome To Code Bengali Channel we will see includes Method. Definition and Usage The includes() method returns true if an array contains a specified value. The includes() method returns false if the value is not found. The includes() method is case sensitive. Syntax array.includes(element, start) Examples const fruits = ["Banana", "Orange", "Apple", "Mango"]; fruits.includes("Mango"); ***************** Must Watch Video ****************** ➡️ JavaScript introduction--:: ➡️ JavaScript Variables--:: ➡️ JavaScript Function create--:: ➡️ JavaScript Arrow function--:: ➡️ JavaScript Template literals --:: ➡️ Add Html Tags in JavaScript --:: ➡️ Comment In JavaScript --:: ➡️ Data Types in JavaScript --:: ➡️ Arithmetic Operators in JavaScript --:: ➡️ Assignment Operators in JavaScript --:: ➡️ JavaScript Console--:: ➡️ Comparison operators in JavaScript--:: ➡️ if else statement in JavaScript--:: ➡️ Logical Operators in JavaScript--:: ➡️ Ternary Operator in JavaScript--:: ➡️ Switch Statement in JavaScript--:: ➡️ else if Statement in JavaScript--:: ➡️ Alert Box in JavaScript--:: ➡️ Confirm Box in JavaScript--:: ➡️ Prompt Box in JavaScript--:: ➡️ JavaScript Function Parameter--:: ➡️ Function Return in JavaScript--:: ➡️ JavaScript Scope Local Global--:: ➡️ JavaScript Events --:: ➡️ While Loop in JavaScript --:: ➡️ do While Loop in JavaScript --:: ➡️ For Loop in JavaScript --:: ➡️ Even or Odd find in JavaScript --:: ➡️ Break and Continue in JavaScript --:: ➡️ JavaScript object--:: ➡️ For In Loop in JavaScript--:: ➡️ Date Objects in JavaScript--:: ➡️ Destructing Arrays in JavaScript--:: ➡️ Creating an Array in JavaScript--:: ➡️ Update And Delete Arrays Element--:: ➡️ Sort and reverse Array method--:: ➡️ push And pop Array method--:: ➡️shift And unshift Array method--:: ➡️slice And splice Array method--:: ➡️Objects Destructuring in JavaScript--:: ➡️Swap Two Variables JS Program--:: ➡️is Array Method in JavaScript--:: ➡️swap the variable's values--:: ➡️Array forEach in JavaScript--:: ➡️indexOf and lastIndexOf Method--:: ***************** React JS Tutorial ****************** ➡️ React JS Environment Setup --:: ➡️ React Folder Structure And NPM --:: ➡️ React JSX and React Render --:: ➡️ Fragments in React --:: ➡️ Expressions in JSX --:: ➡️ JSX Attribute in React --:: ➡️ CSS in React JS--:: ➡️ Google Fonts in React JS--:: ***************** Node JS Tutorial ****************** ➡️ Install Node JS Node.JS Script--:: ➡️REPL in NodeJS--:: ➡️REPL in NodeJS Module and method--:: Please support my channel by SUBSCRIBE to my channel and share my videos in your Social Network.
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