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Access 7000+ courses for 60 days FREE: In this 3 hours beginner tutorial, you will learn Node JS in detail using demos and precise presentations. There are 4 sections in this course. In Section 1, explore the basics of Node js: - Create first Node app with local server setup - Send HTTP Request and Response - What is the request listener function? In Section 2, explore modern javascript: - ECMAScript vs. Traditional ES5, Role of TC39 and ES5 vs. ES6, and var vs. let vs. const - Nested Blocks, Function Scopes, Arrow functions and 'this' usage, Object literals, Destructuring, REST/SPREAD operator, dot operator, String interpolation, class in node, and much more. - Asynchronous Programming: promise, async, await, and .then() function. In Section 3, explore modules in Node: - HTTP module - 'fs' module to create a file, read, update, delete, and rename a file. - URL module using URL + fs + HTTP. In Section 4, explore intermediate Node concepts: - Node Timer API: start, cancel, setTimeout, setInterval, setImmediate, clearTimeout, clearInterval, and clearImmediate functions. - Node.js Event Loop - Event emitters: require('events') - 'nodemon' npm package - Send email using Node with GMAIL Node JS Course links: - Source Code: - Node official website: - Install Node on Windows: - Install Node on Mac: - Install Node on Linux: - Gmail Permission: Timestamps: 00:00 Overview 01:38 What is Node? 09:25 Install Node and NPM 10:57 REPL 17:33 Hello World in Node.js 27:57 Hello World Explanation 33:45 Node HTTP Request and Response 42:04 Section 1: Summary 43:27 Section 2: Modern Javascript: ES6? 47:11 Variables and Blocks 55:37 Arrow Functions in JS 01:04:35 'this' in Arrow Functions 01:10:12 Object Literals 01:17:56 Destructuring and REST/SPREAD operator 01:28:09 String Interpolation and Template 01:31:23 Class 01:39:48 Asynchronous Programming 01:51:46 Section 3: Node JS Module 02:03:22 HTTP Module 02:10:09 'fs' Module 02:20:20 URL Module 02:29:11 Timer API 02:42:24 Event Loop 02:46:49 Event Emitters 02:50:53 nodemon npm package 02:54:21 Send email using Node.js 02:59:45 Course Summary . . Please donate and support my work (If you think my free tutorials are better than paid ones :) - Patreon: - Paypal/Payoneer: - UPI (only for India): smartherd@okaxis :: If you want to develop a website or a mobile app, email me your requirement at :: Free demos provided beforehand :: - Access my premium courses: Free Programming courses: - Ruby Programming: - Dart Programming: - Kotlin Programming: - Java Programming: - Kotlin Coroutines: Free Flutter course: - Flutter App Development: Free Android courses: - Android using Kotlin: - Android using Java: - Android Material Design: - Android Jetpack Architecture: - Android Multiple Screen Support: - Android Retrofit: More free programming courses: - Check out my website: - Let's get in touch! [Sriyank Siddhartha] LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Github: ---- Thank you for your love and support ----
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