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This is Part 15 of our complete application using Angular, Node.js and PosgreSQL/MongoDB. In this Part we would write the Node.js code to make PUT & DELETE request to PostgreSQL Database Find Step by Step here - Node.js free tutorial here Get Postman here - FleetMSv1 Tutorial here - FleetMSv2 Tutorial here - Github repository for Angular UI - Github repository for Nods.js API - You can find much resources from my websites Learn Programming by joining International Computer Programmers Group: 👉 You can reach me via any of the following ❤️ Instagram: ❤️ LinkedIn: ❤️ Pinerest: ❤️ Facebook: ❤️ Tumblr: ❤️ Twitter: Your support can help me improve my content: ✅ Buy me a coffee: ✅ Support me on Patreon: The Piano Man
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