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Welcome To Code Bengali Channel we will see Repl . REPL stands for Read Eval Print Loop and it represents a computer environment like a Windows console or Unix/Linux shell where a command is entered and the system responds with an output in an interactive mode. Node.js or Node comes bundled with a REPL environment. It performs the following tasks − Read − Reads user's input, parses the input into JavaScript data-structure, and stores in memory. Eval − Takes and evaluates the data structure. Print − Prints the result. Loop − Loops the above command until the user presses ctrl-c twice. The REPL feature of Node is very useful in experimenting with Node.js codes and to debug JavaScript codes. Online REPL Terminal To simplify your learning, we have set up an easy to use Node.js REPL environment online, where you can practice Node.js syntax − Launch Node.js REPL Terminal Starting REPL REPL can be started by simply running node on shell/console without any arguments as follows. $ node You will see the REPL Command prompt where you can type any Node.js command − $ node Simple Expression Let's try a simple mathematics at the Node.js REPL command prompt − $ node 1 + 3 4 1 + ( 2 * 3 ) - 4 3 ***************** Must Watch Video ****************** ➡️ JavaScript introduction--:: ➡️ JavaScript Variables--:: ➡️ JavaScript Function create--:: ➡️ JavaScript Arrow function--:: ➡️ JavaScript Template literals --:: ➡️ Add Html Tags in JavaScript --:: ➡️ Comment In JavaScript --:: ➡️ Data Types in JavaScript --:: ➡️ Arithmetic Operators in JavaScript --:: ➡️ Assignment Operators in JavaScript --:: ➡️ JavaScript Console--:: ➡️ Comparison operators in JavaScript--:: ➡️ if else statement in JavaScript--:: ➡️ Logical Operators in JavaScript--:: ➡️ Ternary Operator in JavaScript--:: ➡️ Switch Statement in JavaScript--:: ➡️ else if Statement in JavaScript--:: ➡️ Alert Box in JavaScript--:: ➡️ Confirm Box in JavaScript--:: ➡️ Prompt Box in JavaScript--:: ➡️ JavaScript Function Parameter--:: ➡️ Function Return in JavaScript--:: ➡️ JavaScript Scope Local Global--:: ➡️ JavaScript Events --:: ➡️ While Loop in JavaScript --:: ➡️ do While Loop in JavaScript --:: ➡️ For Loop in JavaScript --:: ➡️ Even or Odd find in JavaScript --:: ➡️ Break and Continue in JavaScript --:: ➡️ JavaScript object--:: ➡️ For In Loop in JavaScript--:: ➡️ Date Objects in JavaScript--:: ➡️ Destructing Arrays in JavaScript--:: ➡️ Creating an Array in JavaScript--:: ➡️ Update And Delete Arrays Element--:: ➡️ Sort and reverse Array method--:: ➡️ push And pop Array method--:: ➡️shift And unshift Array method--:: ➡️slice And splice Array method--:: ➡️Objects Destructuring in JavaScript--:: ➡️Swap Two Variables JS Program--:: ➡️is Array Method in JavaScript--:: ➡️swap the variable's values--:: ➡️Array forEach in JavaScript--:: ***************** React JS Tutorial ****************** ➡️ React JS Environment Setup --:: ➡️ React Folder Structure And NPM --:: ➡️ React JSX and React Render --:: ➡️ Fragments in React --:: ➡️ Expressions in JSX --:: ➡️ JSX Attribute in React --:: ➡️ CSS in React JS--:: ➡️ Google Fonts in React JS--:: ***************** Node JS Tutorial ****************** ➡️ Install Node JS Node.JS Script--:: Please support my channel by SUBSCRIBE to my channel and share my videos in your Social Network.
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