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Click here to follow along: Click here for the API we will be using: Learn how to build an airport flight status widget in 3 different ways starting with a JavaScript beginner approach and ending with a React applicaton with a mini backend using Node.js to communicate with our Datastax Astra DB database, built on Apache Cassandra. JavaScript: JavaScript + Node.js + API: React + Node.js + Database: __ ⭐ Sign up for updates on my Full Stack Developer Course: ⭐ Check out my IDE here and get 1 month free: ⭐ New to code and none of this is making sense? Watch my '12hr+ YouTube Coding Bootcamp' in which you will learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript Fundamentals completely from scratch. It's on my channel and its 100% free. ⭐ In most videos I use Tabnine as my A.I autocompletion tool. You can download it for free here (I get no commission from this link, but am in a partnership): ⭐ You can get a blockchain domain with my affiliate link here: ⭐ If you would like to buy me a coffee, well thank you very much that is mega kind! : ⭐ Sign up for weekly coding tips from my newsletter partnership: You can also find me on: Twitter: Instagram:
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