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How to Post HTML Form Data in NodeJS or ExpressJS Server Once you start the project on your localhost:3000, following happens on the backend – 1. Browser makes GET request to our backend NodeJS Server for route ‘/’. 2. Once our server receives this request, it starts looking for suitable controller for this route. 3. Upon checking the ‘routes/routing.js‘ file, we can see the mapping of GET[‘/’] with ‘controllers/form.js’. 4. Module: form is responsible to handle all requests (GET) coming to ‘/‘ route. It loads the html file : form.html to ‘localhost:3000‘ which contains the registration form which has to be filled by user. 5. Once a user submits a form, a POST request (using form’s attribute called ‘method’) is sent to the same route with all form data. 6. Module: formprocess is responsible to handle the request (POST) coming to ‘/‘ route. Our backend code is capable of exposing form data to ‘req.body‘ object. This is achieved with the help of ‘body-parser‘ module of npm. Later, we can send this data as our response to front-end. 7. That’s all. For Notes, Architecture and to download Source Code :
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