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#typescript #vscode #visualstudiocode Hey guys in this tutorial I'll show you how to install and setup TypeScript in VScode (Visual Studio Code,) transpile (compile typescript TS file into JS in Terminal on command line) and debug your typescript program with NodeJS. 00:00 How to run TypeScript files in VSCode (intro) 00:10 Create a new TypeScript project in VS Code 01:04 TypeScript Hello World Example 01:52 Install typescript with NPM (node package manager) in terminal on command line 02:35 How to change terminal from powershell to bash (command line) 02:45 Check Typescript version on command line / terminal 03:06 Run tsc to transpile your ts source code file to js 04:19 How to create tsconfig.json file in vscode project 05:16 How to make output directory for js files in typescript 06:16 How to add source map in typescript 06:45 How to debug typescript in vscode
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