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After three months i'm finally able to put this content out🎉 I'm very sorry for all of those were waiting this series but i have been very busy with others projects🙏🙏🥶 I hope that you like this content and i will try to put out the next content ASAP. I really want to thank you guys🙏 #authenticationsystem #authentication #vanillaNodeJs #jsontoken #cookie #templateview #renderHtml ---- Episode 3 ---- 00:00 - Introduction 00:24 - Create the route 00:55 - Create the handler function for the users related client request 02:12 - Users POST request handler 08:12 - Hash password and Node JS Crypto module 10:45 - Create user object and store it in DB 14:41 - Debigging 15:40 - Test and register users 🥷 If you would like to buy me some coffe, thank you that is super kind!✨ I'm also on: Twitter: ___________________________________ Music from Free To Use Music Track: Bake A Pie by Lukrembo ___________________________________
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