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Welcome to my Channel...! In this video we are going to Learn Full-Stack JavaScript Development . These are the fundamentals of Full-Stack JavaScript Development: MongoDB, Node, and React and essential trainings. we will see more and more in upcoming videos. For any queries drop a mail at Share your thoughts about this video in the comment section and if you have any doubts post it in comment section. BluePrism Playlist:- Thank You...! →→→→→Visit Our Channel For More Videos←←←←← 🏹LIKE 🏹SHARE 🏹SUBSCRIBE Where There is a Will There is a Way 💘 //Chapters and time splits 00:00:00-00:00:56 Course overview 00:00:57-00:03:24 What this course covers 00:03:25-00:10:56 Modern JavaScript 00:10:57-00:20:17 Setting up project dependencies 00:20:18-00:25:54 Project structure and configurations 00:25:55-00:30:46 Node modules 00:30:47-00:34:12 The HTTP/HTTPS modules 00:34:13-00:39:18 Creating an Express server 00:39:19-00:44:10 Using the EJS template language 00:44:11-00:51:42 React elements and JSX 00:51:43-00:56:14 React components 00:56:15-00:59:25 Components composability 00:59:26-01:02:46 Components with modules 01:02:47-01:07:00 Component state 01:07:01-01:10:12 Component life cycle 01:10:13-01:12:00 Loading the test data 01:12:01-01:15:23 Displaying a list of objects 01:15:24-01:19:18 Using Sass with Node 01:19:19-01:23:09 Reading from the state 01:23:10-01:26:36 Fetching data from a remove API 01:26:37-01:30:42 Fetching data from the server side 01:30:43-01:36:05 Server rendering with ReactDOMServer 01:36:06-01:42:16 Fix the checksum problem 01:42:17-01:46:49 Handling the contest click event 01:46:50-01:50:53 Navigating to a contest 01:50:54-01:57:47 Looking up the contest on route change 01:57:48-02:02:54 Fetching contest information from the API 02:02:55-02:06:48 A bit of refactoring 02:06:49-02:12:46 Server-side routing for a contest 02:12:47-02:16:42 Navigating to a list of contests 02:16:43-02:23:11 Handling the browser's back button 02:23:12-02:30:30 Reading data from MongoDB 02:30:31-02:33:28 API to fetch a list of names 02:33:29-02:42:10 Displaying the list of names 02:42:11-02:45:38 Example script to update all data 02:45:39-02:52:09 Converting the application to use _id 02:52:10-03:00:54 Creating an API to propose a name 03:00:55-03:08:44 Writing the proposed new name form 03:08:45-03:10:29 Challenges and QA 03:10:29-03:18:22 Alternatives: MERN and Electrode
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