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Welcome to my Channel...! In this video we are going to see the basics of NodeJS . These are the fundamentals of NodeJS and essential trainings. we will see more and more in upcoming videos. For any queries drop a mail at Share your thoughts about this video in the comment section and if you have any doubts post it in comment section. BluePrism Playlist:- Thank You...! →→→→→Visit Our Channel For More Videos←←←←← 🏹LIKE 🏹SHARE 🏹SUBSCRIBE Where There is a Will There is a Way 💘 //Chapters and time splits 00:00:00-00:00:44 Learn the Node.js fundamentals 00:00:45-00:01:22 What you should know 00:01:23-00:02:23 Node.js history 00:02:23-00:05:55 How Node.js works 00:05:56-00:07:53 Using VS Code 00:07:54-00:09:17 Install Node.js 00:09:18-00:11:45 The global object 00:11:46-00:14:37 The require function 00:14:38-00:21:06 Argument variables with process.argv 00:21:07-00:24:58 Standard output 00:24:59-00:31:07 Standard input 00:31:08-00:33:03 Creating a delay with setTimeout 00:33:04-00:36:14 Incorporate setInterval 00:36:15-00:39:17 Report progress with setInterval 00:39:18-00:44:35 Core modules 00:44:36-00:46:37 Collect information with readline 00:46:38-00:53:59 Use readline functions 00:54:00-00:58:13 Export custom modules 00:58:14-01:03:07 Create a module 01:03:08-01:08:08 Custom events with the EventEmitter 01:08:09-01:12:49 Improve a module with EventEmitter 01:12:50-01:17:04 List directory files 01:17:05-01:21:00 Read files 01:21:01-01:23:27 Write and append files 01:23:28-01:25:34 Directory creation 01:25:35-01:29:33 Append files 01:29:34-01:32:23 Rename and remove files 01:35:08-01:37:53 Rename and remove directories 01:37:54-01:42:36 Readable file streams 01:42:37-01:47:17 Writable file streams 01:47:18-01:50:48 Create child process with exec 01:50:49-01:55:23 Create child process with spawn
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