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In this series we will build backend API using NodeJS & MongoDB. We will also learn how to create routes using express and full CRUD API with it. Chapters 0:00 Intro 0:47 Introduction to NodeJS, Express & MongoDB, and Hello World Project using NodeJS 12:15 Getting Started with JSON, Postman 16:20 API routes 21:49 Connecting MongoDB Atlas with Our Project 29:12 Database Model Creation & Heroes CRUD Check out my website Gadgets I use for making videos Laptop - Microphone - Camera - Gorilla Tripod - Tripod - Ring Light - Chair - I am Manjunath Shenoy. I'm a Full Stack Web Developer & CEO of Thepcstudio. In this channel, I make videos related to Web Development, DevOps, Cloud, Linux etc. For daily videos & shorts subscribe to my channel. #nodejs #mongodb #nodejstutorial #mongodbtutorial #crashcourse
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