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In this course we will be creating a complete ecommerce web app using the MERN stack. We will cover a wide range of features starting from a complete shopping cart, auth, stripe payment, dashboard and much more.. Get the complete source code on my patreon: Some part of the code is free on my github: Watch this course as a series/playlist: ✨ Follow Me on Twitter: ✨ Join My Discord Server 🤑 Buy Me A Coffee: Sections: 00:00 - Intro 06:45 - Complete shopping cart in redux toolkit 04:39:54 - Authentication in node.js and jwt 05:42:32 - Authentication in React and jwt 07:11:28 - Payment in Stripe and React 08:00:57 - Creating an order in db using stripe webhooks 08:45:15 - Adding nested routes and upgrading to react-router-dom version 6 09:05:11 - Creating a product and uploading images to cloudinary 09:58:19 - Adding an admin user 10:23:51 - Creating a complete admin dashboard SUPPORT MY CHANNEL 📍SUBSCRIBE: 📍Become a Channel Member: 📍Join My Fun Channel: GET IN TOUCH: 📍 Twitter: Disclaimer: This video is not sponsored
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