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Hey guys in this #vscode tutorial I'll show you 3 different ways how to run JavaScript in Visual Studio Code (VS Code) All 3 require that you have Node JS installed on your system. We'll take a look at running js in vscode terminal, using code runner extension and then run JavaScript using Live Server extension at localhost address in your browser with hot reload. Video Chapters ============= 00:00 How to Run JavaScript in VSCode 00:42 Download and Install NodeJS 01:38 Add Node JS to Environment Variables on Windows 10 or 11 02:46 Find out which NodeJS version you're running on CMD 03:13 Code Runner Extension 03:49 Open JavaScript Project 04:57 Run JS in VSCode Terminal 05:23 Run JS in Code Runner 05:57 Install Live Server 06:17 How to choose browser to run JS in 07:10 Run JavaScrtipt on localhost in vscode using Live Server 07:43 Hot Reload phrases you might be typing if you're looking for this video =============================================== vscode run js file vscode run js visual studio code run html with javascript visual studio code run js with node vs code run javascript without node how to run javascript using vs code visual studio code run node js server vscode run javascript snippets vscode javascript use preview visual studio code run javascript program run javascript on vscode vs code run javascript in terminal vs code run node js run javascript vscode mac run javascript locally vscode vscode run js code vs code how to run javascript vscode call hierarchy javascript vscode run html javascript vscode run javascript in terminal vscode run javascript test use vscode for javascript vscode run node js file vs code extension to run javascript vscode extension run javascript cara run javascript di vscode visual studio code run and debug javascript can vscode run javascript vscode run javascript code vscode run javascript in browser javascript program in visual studio code vscode run node js app vscode run a js file vscode run javascript file can you run javascript in visual studio code can you use javascript in visual studio open vscode in visual studio visual code run javascript file vscode run javascript inline vscode run javascript in chrome
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