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Hello friends, Today we are starting a new approach to learn coding while will help you in diving into real world scenarios, so it wouldn't be regular tutorials. In this challenge we will build Node JS CLI app where we will type commands to fetch data from PokeAPI as shown in the demo below. Below are the steps you can follow 1. Initialize Node JS Project 2. Update package.json to run index.js 3. Create function to fetch pokemon details using axios. Refer : 4. As shown in the above demo we used two commands. you can refer the PokeAPI docs( 5. To get pokemon list To get specific pokemon - 6. Import readline and accept input, use this input to pass it to api.You can refer node js docs for readline usage 7. Extract data you need from response and Display the result in console 8. You can have fun by formatting fonts and colors in console by using ANSI escape codes. For eg: to display error i have used bold and red color console.log("\x1b[1m\x1b[31m%s\x1b[0m", error); 9. Ideas are endless you can style the way you want. You can refer to below site for codes.
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