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In this tutorial i will show how you can create custom web components using vanilla Node js. I will also show you how you can create dynamic web components and how you can integrate it with client side JavaScript. In this video i don't show how you can use server side code on html just because i want to understand if you like this topic. Let me know in the comments below what do you think about it🫡🤗 --- READ THIS IN ORDER TO USE THIS FEATURE --- In order to create a new custom components you have to create a new folder inside the components folder. You have to named that folder using a name that you will you inside the html source in order to invoke your component. Inside the component folder you have to create an index.html file where you have to place your HTML markup and your style. Make sure to put this things because if you don't provide at least the style the script will give you an error. If you have some question i'm here ready to help you🫡 #webcomponents #ssrwebcomponents #ssr #vanillaNodeJs #noframeworks ---- Chapter ---- 00:00 - Introduction 00:50 - Create a web components 01:47 - Dynamic web components 03:09 - Zero dependency feature 03:37 - How it works 06:04 - Components CSS classes 07:08 - Client side JavaScript 12:00 - Server side JavaScript on HTML file --- Source Code --- 🥷 If you would like to buy me some coffe, thank you that is super kind!✨ I'm also on: Twitter: ___________________________________ Music from Free To Use Music Track: Bake A Pie by Lukrembo ___________________________________
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