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Get ready to roll up your sleeves and build your very own code coverage tool from scratch! In this video, you'll learn how to use JavaScript, Node.js, and the v8 engine to create a custom code coverage tool that fits your exact needs. You'll even use the native Node.js to pinpoint specific lines that aren't covered. Don't miss out on this chance to learn the ins and outs of code coverage tool creation. Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes of code coverage tools like Jest, C8, and Istanbul? In this video, I'll be giving you a rare, behind-the-scenes look at how to create your own code coverage tool using JavaScript, Node.js, and the v8 engine. And the best part? This demo was created with the help of Chat GPT, the language model trained by OpenAI and it was exciting to see how it's powerful to not only creates code but helps with ideas. Ready to get started? Pour yourself a drink and let's dive in! ✅ SOURCE CODE ▸ ✅ FOLLOW ME ▸ Linkedin: ▸ Blog: ▸ Facebook: ▸ Medium: ▸ Twitter: ▸ Telegram: ✅ TIMELINE 00:00 - SUBSCRIBE NOW 01:18 - Free and paid content about Node.js and Javascript 01:36 - About video content 02:21 - What is CDP? 02:59 - Accessing the CDP APIs through the inspector module in node.js 03:04 - How GPT chat helped me with the project of this video 04:04 - How I researched libs that use chrome dev tools for code coverage 04:51 - Version of node.js used in the project 05:02 - Creating the structure of the project 05:42 - Creating assertions in calc.mjs file and testing import in index.js 08:15 - Using the inspector module to create test coverage 11:54 - Checking the results of the test coverage call 13:14 - Finding lines of code that have no code coverage 14:01 - Filtering coverage results 16:07 - Ignoring node modules and coverage file itself in results 18:39 - Saving the results to a JSON file 19:13 - Search and filter only the results with lines not covered 20:39 - How did chatGPT help me to create the report function 23:17 - Creating the variable that sets the color of the letters in the logs 25:38 - Creating the function to display uncovered lines, by color 29:45 - Analyzing the function result and improving the code 32:36 - Testing other use cases for test coverage: new functions and new modules 33:51 - Javascript tooltips and courses 34:15 - Video summary 35:11 - Blooper reel 36:34 - Thank you!
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