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Node.js Basics for Beginner Tutorial and writing simple arithmetic and JavaScript using Node.js. #1 Hello everyone, welcome to my Node.js basic beginner courses tutorial. You can go node.js website to download the recent version of Node.js to your PC, and it's available in mac and windows. ___________________________________________ 0:1 to 4:30 Installing node.js, using nodejs on CMD and also creating directory from CMD and rerouting directory to work on text editor. ___________________________________________ 4:35 to 9:05 using nodejs to write simple JavaScript code to return the output in our terminal. ___________________________________________ 9:22 to 16:50 using nodejs global object. ___________________________________________ 20:00 to 28:00 using module and require ___________________________________________ 28:28 to 43:50 working with files system in nodejs. Read, write, create directory, delete a directory and delete a text file from our project file. 🙂🙂🙂
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