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This video is about using an intuitive GUI to update your NPM packages quickly. Watch my full length Hugo courses on skillshare here: You get 1 month free, to watch my courses using my referral link. Full length HUGO and Bootstrap 5 intro course Full length SASS/SCSS building with Hugo Course Full length JavaScript building with Hugo Course SEO and asset optimisation with Hugo Course Looking for the best value for money travel insurance that suits both travellers and digital nomads? Covid-19 coverage included! Use my link to support this channel. Like the video? Buy me a cofee!! Code of completed video Links: VIDEO - Installing Hugo on windows PLAYLIST - My other HUGO videos 0:00 - Introduction 0:30 - Using `npm init` 1:30 - Install a npm package (specific version) 3:00 - Create a npm script for updating packages 3:30 - Run the update script with VS Code 4:42 - Remove breadcrumbs from home page 5:17 - Additional customizations #hugo #bootstrap #ssg #webdev #coding
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