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This tutorial shows you how to use AWS App Runner to quickly set up a continuous delivery pipeline for a Node JS application. AWS App Runner is a service that enables quick deployment of your application directly from the source code. App Runner takes advantage of continuous deployment benefits, such as accelerated deployment, and short downtime, in addition to automatic scaling. App Runner workflow works like this. Developers push their code to a Github repository. App Runner automatically detects a new commit, builds and deploys the updated code. Application users keep accessing the application as if nothing has happened. In this video you going to learn: - Foundations of continuous delivery - Using the App Runner service for running your applications - Integrating your Github repository to a cloud service - Deploying your application to the cloud quickly and easily Go straight to the point: 00:00 - Intro 01:22 - Clone repository & connect to Github 03:57 - Create App Runner service 06:31 - Update code & test deployment 08:29 - Clean up This video is inspired by the following AWS tutorial: How to: Create AWS account: Create Github account: Install Express framework: Reference: Express framework Website: Express example Github repository: Like and subscribe footage by grdynb from Pixabay. Book icons created by itim2101 - Flaticon Github icons created by Pixel perfect - Flaticon Technology icons created by Freepik - Flaticon Deployment icons created by juicy_fish - Flaticon Produced by: Gabriel Costa Silva Narrated by: Emma Polly – Yes, Amazon Polly ;) Full disclaimer: Unless clearly stated by the cloud platform (AWS, Azure, etc), cloud services charge usage fees. We do not take any responsibility for any incurring expense you may be charged while trying to follow instructions on our videos.
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