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APIs are a brilliant way to make money in tech & in this video we learn how we can build & sell a profitable API with Node.js & Express.js, create a documentation webpage that allows people to gain access your your API, &manage peoples transactions & subscriptions with Stripe and Firebase. It's critical to the success of your API that all the of support services are efficacious and this video has everything you'll need to start making money on your API today! #javascript #API #money 🔗 Resources Github repository - Google fonts - Font Awesome CDN - Font Awesome Icons - Stripe - Stripe Docs - Firebase - 🔥 Get More Content - Subscribe and click le notification bell to stay tuned for all the fun & exciting tutorials to come! Roadmap - Courses - 📚 Chapters 00:00 Intro 00:36 Project Demo 04:31 Init Nodejs Server 08:01 HTML & CSS 32:40 Server Stripe & Firebase 01:19:27 API Usage Meter 🔖 Topics Covered - Make money with API - Monetize your API - Nodejs API - Stripe billing & subscriptions - Stripe checkouts - Firebase CRUD - Firebase Firestore
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