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After Heroku got rid of its free tier in late 2022, many developers were left scrambling for a solid free web service hosting provider. is one such free alternative. Deploying a Puppeteer project on Render can be a bit tricky, though, and Chromium launch errors can cause a serious headache. Heroku had build-packs specifically for Puppeteer which "just worked." However, Render doesn't have any such build-packs. In this tutorial, I show you how to deploy a Node.js/Express app running Puppeteer on a production Render web service by using a Docker container. Timestamps 0:00 - Background 0:41 - System Requirements 1:11 - Setting Up a Basic Express Server 3:00 - Setting Up Endpoints 4:56 - Scraping with Puppeteer 8:45 - Deploying to 12:00 - Dockerizing the App 14:48 - Puppeteer Launch Modifications 16:05 - Deploying the Dockerized App to Render 18:01 - Final Tip and Conclusion Source code: Support Me on Ko-Fi: My GitHub:​ My Twitter: My LinkedIn: My Portfolio:
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