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This video series teaches the basics of Nodejs by showing how to build a CRUD Command line (CLI) application - No external databases are required. It covers the following topics: * Introduction * How To Install Node and NPM * How To Setup Project A Nodejs Project * How To Install Dependencies * How To Create a New file from the terminal * How To Check If A File Exists * How To Query The Database * How To Retrieve Data * How To Add Data To A File * How To Edit Data * How To Delete Data Important Links - Article: - GitHub Repo: - Nodejs: - NPM: - Inquirer: - uuid: How Computers Understand JavaScript Code: Tutorials to follow (In that order) after completing this series: - How to Build a Secure Server with Node.js and Express and Upload Images with Cloudinary - - How to Build and Deploy a Backend App with Express, Postgres, Github, and Heroku - - How to Build a Full-Stack Authentication App With React, Express, MongoDB, Heroku, and Netlify - #nodejs #node #javascript #crud #basics #tutorial #tutorials #backend #programming #commandline #terminal #cmd #github #npm #beginners #beginner
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