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In this video we are going to discuss on how we can setup react development environment by installing Node.js and NPM. #react #reactjstutorial #nodejs what is nodejs & npm- 00:00 install node js - 2:01 What is Node.js? As per the Node.js’s official documentation, “Node.js is a JavaScript runtime built on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine”. When we run a JavaScript code or work with any JavaScript frameworks, the code gets executed in the browser. So, in that case our browser is the JavaScript runtime environment. So previously it was impossible to run JavaScript outside the browser. But since 2010, when Ryan Dahl invented “Node.js”, the Chrome’s V8 engine at its core, made it possible to run JavaScript outside the browser. Since then it has enabled developers to use JavaScript for backend development. Hence, we say, Node.js is not a framework, but more of a JavaScript runtime instance. What is NPM? NPM (Node Package Manager) is a software registry which contains over 800,000 code packages which we can use in our application. It comes with a CLI (Command Line Interface) which helps us to install this packages and integrate them with our code. The best part is NPM is open-source and thus developers can even contribute to the software registry and share the code across the globe. Article URL: In case you like the video, feel free to like and hit the subscribe button. That is what keeps us motivated. For any queries, feel free to comment. We are here to help you. #react #reactjstutorial #reactjsfullcourse #reactjsforbeginners #reactjsinterview #webdevelopment #programming #javascript #javascriptinterviewquestions #javascriptforbeginners #typescript #worldwideweb #viral #viralinterview #nodejs #nodejsbasic #nodejsproject react js, react tutorial, learn react, react course, reactjs tutorial, react crash course, react js tutorial, reactjs course, react tutorial for beginners, react.js, reactjs tutorial for beginners, reactJS, react, learn reactjs, javascript, web development, learn react js, what is react, what is react js, install react, Downloading and installing Node.js and npm, Node.js, Tutorial, Introduction, Environment Setup, Node Package Manager, Set up NodeJS on native Windows 10, how to install node js in windows 10, how to install node js in windows 11, install nodejs on windows, install nodejs with nvm, install react js in windows, install react js, nodejs and npm install windows install node js and npm, install node js windows 10, install node js Important links: Python programs website: Python program video series: Accept User Input in java using Scanner: Java video series: Java programming website link: Java tutorial website link: C video series: Thanks for watching. Please like and subscribe - []
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