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In this App, we will create a todo list app using MERN stack. The app will have all the modern functionalities like JWT authentication, authorization, saving files using multer, filtering in MERN etc. Timestamps: 0:00 Introduction 2:10 Project Setup and DB connection 11:51 Multer configuration in Node.js 22:27 Defining Models of our app in MongoDB 31:31 Handle errors globally 33:42 Defining Routes of our app 44:13 Register User 51:42 Login api and generating JWT token 1:01:25 Protecting Routes and defining JWT middleware 1:10:35 Edit and Create task api 1:21:55 Get Task api and insert dummy data 1:26:32 Applying Filters and Get Task api 1:44:08 React setup and Axios configuration 1:51:24 Creating Redux Slices 1:58:57 Adding Redux persist and Combining Reducers 2:09:20 Defining Validation Schemas for Login and Signup functions 2:20:32 Defining Login and Signup fields using Formik 2:35:00 Upload images using React Dropzone 2:40:53 Login and Signup Functions 2:58:33 Implementing Header 3:13:20 Homepage and Fetch tasks from api 3:28:27 Applying Filters from Frontend 3:44:25 Edit Task Page 3:53:38 Defining Validation schemas of Edit and Create Task 4:02:03 Edit Task Functionality 4:32:05 Create Task Page 4:38:29 Protect Routes in React app
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