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Hi Developers, Let’s get started ! :) While watching the video, you can also follow the instructions in this documentation There are the steps: 1. Create project folder. 2. Initiate NodeJS project. 3. Install dependencies 4. Open project in visual studio code. 5. Create .env file, put api key (get your own key, if you don’t have it yet, login/signup to OpenAI api page and create your own key 6. Write the script. 7. Start the service. 8. Send request to server - DONE (the answer is truncated due to I am using the free version, please use paid version $20 per month if you want to use it for your business.) 9. All Done!!! you can deploy the code to your own server (not included in this tutorial) Cheers! Now you can create your own app and service. enjoy and have a nice day! :))) Thank you!
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