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Github Repo: In this tutorial, you'll learn how to build and dockerize a RESTful API using MongoDB, Node.js, and test it with Postman. The video starts by introducing the tools and technologies that will be used in the tutorial. Then, the instructor guides you through creating a basic Node.js application with a MongoDB database, defining the schema and routes for the API, and adding CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) functionality. Once the application is built and running locally, the instructor demonstrates how to use Docker to containerize the application, making it easier to deploy and scale. You'll learn how to create a Dockerfile, build the Docker image, and run the container. Next, the instructor shows how to test the API using Postman, a popular tool for API testing. You'll learn how to set up requests in Postman and verify the responses from the API. By the end of the video, you'll have a fully functional RESTful API that's containerized using Docker and tested with Postman. This tutorial is perfect for anyone looking to learn how to build and deploy a Node.js application with MongoDB and Docker.
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