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In this video we'll create a full stack react app from scratch and all the way to deployment on the cloud. We'll use #typescript #react #vite #nodejs #postgresql #expressjs & #remult TOC: 00:00 Introduction 00:30 Setup vite 01:53 Configure backend 05:30 Define Task entity & api 08:57 Getting the tasks in the frontend 12:25 Add some css 15:31 Create Add Task Form & css 18:10 Implement Create, Delete and Update 25:06 Realtime & live query 27:04 Validation 28:46 Updating multiple tasks 30:14 Moving logic to the backend 32:39 Authentication & Sign In Implementation 46:00 Authorization 49:00 PostgreSQL Database 50:45 Perpare for deployment 53:38 Deploy to
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