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This is the second video in a series on using ChatGPT to write software. In this short tutorial video, you'll learn how to build a Node.js application that can call the new ChatGPT API. ChatGPT is a powerful natural language processing tool developed by OpenAI that can be used to generate text in response to user input. With this tutorial, you can quickly learn how to integrate ChatGPT into your own Node.js application and create dynamic and engaging conversational experiences for your users. This video is perfect for developers who are looking to add a touch of artificial intelligence to their projects. Follow along as we show you how to create a simple Node.js app that can communicate with the ChatGPT API and generate text responses based on user input. With just a few lines of code, you can bring the power of ChatGPT to your own applications and take your projects to the next level. We love hearing from you! Do you have questions? New tutorial ideas you would like to see? Comment below, and we will do our best to help out. Related Videos: Follow Us! Twitter: LinkedIn: GitHub: Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more tutorials on GPT-3, ChatGPT and other emerging AI technologies. About Dabble Lab: Dabble Lab is a company dedicated to creating tutorials to help you learn to build custom solutions that leverages emerging technologies. Learn more about Dabble Lab at #chatgpt #chatgpttutorial #chatgptapi
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