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In this tutorial, we'll be exploring how to create a GIF generator API using Node.js and the GIPHY API. This project can be a fun and useful addition to your portfolio, as well as a way to learn how to integrate external APIs and fetch data from them. To get started, we'll create a new Node.js project and install the necessary dependencies, including the express module for creating the API endpoints and the request module for making HTTP requests to the GIPHY API. We'll then create a new route handler that listens for GET requests to the /api/gifs endpoint and constructs the URL for the GIPHY API request using the API key and search term, and then makes the API request using the request module. We'll parse the JSON data and extract the URL of the first GIF image that matches the search term, and then send the GIF image as the response to the API request. By the end of this tutorial, you'll have a fully functional GIF generator API that can be accessed by anyone on the internet. You can also use this project as a starting point for other API projects, and expand the functionality to include more search parameters or additional API integrations. Source Code:
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