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In this tutorial, we learn how to set up both a Node.js server and a Flutter app that interacts with it. Flutter application code (main.dart) Node.js Server code (index.js) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey! I am Aditya Thakur, a Developer and Designer. I make videos on Flutter, Python, and other technologies. I also sometimes take up Profile Building and entrepreneurship! 💙 Learn how to use Flutter with Firebase: 🎬 Python Debugged Playlist: 📚 PROMOS Get an exclusive 10% discount on every GeeksforGeeks course!! Use code: ADITYAT Check out courses here: 💰 INVESTMENT APPS Invest in stocks using Paytm Money: Create a free account | Binance: Trade at India’s largest exchange | WazirX: I post stories about my life and business on my Instagram - Want to talk business? Or ask a question? Reach out to me on LinkedIn: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Become a part of my community! (1600+ Developers already 🥰) Link to Discord/Telegram:
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