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Please Like, Share & Subscribe Follow me on Twitter -- LinkedIn -- Instagram -- link of Playlist:- Description: In this MERN Stack Development Tutorial Lecture 2.3, we will discuss the Node.js Module System, which is a fundamental aspect of Node.js development. Modules are a way to organize and encapsulate code in a Node.js application, and they allow us to share code between different parts of our application. In this lecture, we will start by explaining what modules are and why they are important in Node.js development. We will then cover the different ways of exporting and importing modules in Node.js, including the commonjs syntax, as well as the ES6 import and export statements. We will demonstrate how to create and export a module in Node.js using the commonjs syntax, and how to require and use that module in our application. We will also show you how to use the ES6 import and export statements in Node.js and how they can simplify the module system. By the end of this lecture, you will have a solid understanding of the Node.js module system and how to use it to organize and share code in your MERN Stack application. This lecture is designed for anyone interested in learning MERN Stack development and building web applications using Node.js. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced developer, this lecture will provide you with a solid foundation in the Node.js module system and its usage in MERN Stack development. Keywords: MERN stack development, social networking app, tutorial, lecture 2.3, Node.js Module System, commonjs syntax, ES6 import, export statements, Node.js application, module export, module import, module organization, share code. Hashtags: #MERNstack #webdevelopment #socialnetworkingapp #tutorial #lecture2.3 #Nodejsmodulesystem #commonjssyntax #ES6import #exportstatements #Nodejsapplication #moduleexport #moduleimport #moduleorganization #sharecode #beginnerfriendly
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