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Ever wanted to have your own free custom Twitch bot? Name it however you want? Create any kind of commands? Well, look no further! This video provides all the information and basics to create a simple Twitch Chat Bot. And the best part? No need for prior programming knowledge. But Risu, what about improving the Bot and adding further features? That is where ChatGPT comes into play. Interested? Watch until the end. Please comment/like/subscribe for more! If you want to see my content live, check out my Twitch channel - Software used in the video: Node.JS - Visual Studio Code - Timestamps: 0:00 Introduction 0:26 Software 1:04 Important notice 1:17 Project folder, tmi.js, and initialization 2:54 Settings and the main file 5:51 Token 6:41 Running the Bot 7:28 Adding new commands 8:32 ChatGPT to the rescue 12:04 Outro Social media: Twitch - Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - Music used in the video: Breakfast in Paris by Alex-Productions | Music promoted by Creative Commons CC BY 3.0 #twitch #twitchtutorial #gaming #streamer #streaming #chatgpt
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