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#nodejs #mongodb #mongoose NodeJS AWS S3 bucket like service Part 3 - Mongodb Connection & Creating user schema & upload schema using Mongoose In this tutorial, We will be continuing our exploration of MongoDB in NodeJS by learning How to connect to mongodb database in nodejs and we will also learn how to create database schema model in nodejs project. In database schema we will create 2 db collection i.e users & upload, Creating a user is an important security measure that limits access to our database to only those who have the proper credentials. Once we have created our user, we will explore upload collection a Mongoose schema, which defines the structure of our data and how it is stored in the database. Finally, we will examine how to implement an AWS S3 bucket-like service, allowing us to store and retrieve files in our NodeJS application. Support Proto Coders Point: _______________________________________________ Comment below for any queries 😀 Follow and support me: 🐦 Twitter: 💬 Facebook: 💸 Instagram: Be sure to ask for help in the comments if you need any. Suggestions for future Flutter tutorials are also very welcome! :) For mobile application development keep learning freely from proto coders point Visit:
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